EP believes the violation of sanctions “must be criminalized”

About the Ucrania’s war

(Source: UNICEF)
USPA NEWS - Following the unsuccessful meeting of Thursday evening in the European Parliament, MEPs participating in the negotiations with EU member states on the draft rules issued the following statement. “To our deep regret, yesterday's trilogue on the Directive on the definition of criminal offences and penalties for the violation of Union restrictive measures was inconclusive.”
The European Parliament believes “the violation of sanctions must be criminalized, enforcement of sanctions must be improved, and forum shopping for the weakest national system must end. The criminalization of sanctions evasion is also essential for the confiscation of frozen assets.”
“It is urgent that the Directive be adopted as quickly as possible,” they added. “Each day that passes helps Putin's war efforts. The effectiveness of the EU sanctions regime is severely undermined by the patchwork of national legal systems, and by uneven and weak enforcement. Sanctioned persons can still travel, study, holiday and live in the EU, as well as companies can conduct their business fairly unhampered. Massive amounts of money are still moved around freely and flow into the war coffers of the Kremlin.”
“We therefore call on the Council to reconsider its position, and to resume talks as soon as possible. The European Parliament stands ready to continue the talks and find agreement on the outstanding issues,” EP says.
On July 6, 2023, the Committee on Civil Liberties adopted the report and authorized the opening of interinstitutional negotiations. The decision was confirmed in Parliament’s plenary session on July 12 and the first trilogue took place the same day.
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