Toomaj Salehi, detained after release!

His crime: speaking the truth

Tomaj Salehi
USPA NEWS - Toomaj Salehi, who, after 14 months of imprisonment, enduring 12 months of solitary confinement and the most brutal torture by the totalitarian and dictatorial regime of Khamenei, was once again seized today by the security forces of the ruthless Islamic government of Iran, only 10 days after his release from political prison.

The reason for his re-imprisonment was his exposure of the government's crimes in Iranian prisons. He only stated that he had been severely tortured; his legs and fingers were broken, his teeth were shattered, and the repeated blows to his head had impaired his vision. Moreover, he didn't know the reason for his crime. Tomaj Salehi neither committed murder nor any crime; he only expressed opposition to the policies of the Khamenei regime in his rap music. In all his performances, he respected to all individual, ethnicity, or race, or religion and he didn't introduce lies into his music.
His only problem is his courage. In Iran, a country where Khamenei is a complete criminal leader, unaware that rap is generally a form of protest music against the wrong policies of politicians in many countries around the world, Toomaj Salehi's existence challenges the norm. His only action is to protest against the social, economic, and cultural poverty, the killing of innocent youths for opposing the ruling policies in Iran, and the bizarre state of torture and execution in the country.

Toomaj Salehi is a person for whom there is no reason for such torture and imprisonment."

"When Toomaj was released from prison, about two weeks ago, he didn't share a video of himself in the first few days after his release. However, after a few days when he felt better, he spoke to the people in a 14-minute video. He explained how he had been tortured during the 14 months in Iranian political prisons under the suppressive regime of Khamenei. He thanked the people for their support and stated that he was not allowed anything in prison.
In the video message, he mentioned that there is no law against political prisoners in Iran, and the prison authorities engage in both psychological and physical torture. He exposed a particularly painful form of torture where, before the physical torture, the corrupt regime of Khamenei and the brutal security police inject adrenaline into the necks of prisoners so that they remain unconscious during torture and in this case the prisoners are feels in fully comprehend the pain.

This behavior by the Iranian Islamic government strongly resembles the ruthless and terrorist organizations like ISIS, and it is a painfully stark reminder that the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken the youth of Iran hostage!"
When we deeply contemplate and realize that human rights organizations remain silent about the violations, murders, political prisoners, executions, and all the crimes of the Islamic Republic of Iran, fear engulfs our entire being. What has made us so ruthless? Why have we forgotten that we should strive for a safe and good world for everyone? How much do we truly believe that we must defend each other and the rights of all humans? How can we carry out this defense? Is merely writing and reading news enough? No, it's not enough. So what is the best course of action? Is it not necessary to email international organizations and human rights agencies to give more importance to political prisoners in Iran? Does the timing demand action from us?This action, we can save the lives of many individuals. Let's think together about a world with peace and goodness and strive for it.
Let's strive for peace together.
Let's believe that whatever bad is happening in the Middle East is because of the existence of a totalitarian system called the Islamic Republic of Iran, led by Ali Khamenei. Otherwise, such bizarre crimes wouldn't occur in Israel; people in Yemen would live in peace, in Iraq people would live peacefully, in Syria the Syrian people's requests would be met, and there wouldn't be Iranian-made drones in Ukraine! Wouldn't the world be more beautiful?
"And also, Saman Yasin is another rapper who has been detained in Iran solely for his protest music. After more than 14 months in detention, there are still reports of his horrifying torture, and his life remains in danger. Let's help and advocate for a change in the Iranian regime towards a democratic government. Everyone should know that regime change in Iran is in the best interest of all people worldwide, both in terms of democracy and human rights, as well as for the environment and future generations. The current Iranian regime pays no attention to environmental health, and by staying in power, it poses a threat to the future of the entire planet. Let's work together for a better future."
Thanks for reading the article. I hope we can think more deeply and contribute to creating a world of peace and tranquility.
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