The Kings of Spain preside over the solemn opening of the XV legislature

After the election of the Government

(Source: Spanish Royal House)
USPA NEWS - The Kings of Spain, Felipe VI and Letizia, accompanied by the Princess of Asturias, Leonor de Borbón, presided this Tuesday over the Solemn Opening Ceremony of the XV Legislature, a joint session of the Spanish Parliament, Congress of Deputies and Senate, in the Palace of the Cortes in Madrid.
The Kings and the Princess of Asturias were received upon their arrival at the Congress of Deputies by the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, and by the Chief of the Defense Staff, Teodoro Esteban Lopez Calderon. At the headquarters of the Spanish Parliament, military honors were paid and the King reviewed the troops. Later, on the steps of the Palace, the Kings received a greeting from the president of the Congress of Deputies, Francina Armengol; the president of the Senate, Pedro Rollan; and the members of the Boards of the Lower House and the Upper House.
The Honors Battalion was made up of a squad of spenders, a Music Unit and four Companies from the Army, Air Force, Navy and Civil Guard, which were in charge of paying honors to the Kings.
Next, Felipe VI, Queen Letizia and the Princess of Asturias, also accompanied by the president of the Congress and the president of the Senate, entered the Congress of Deputies through the Lions Gate, which is only open for the celebration of solemn sessions like this one and entered the chamber through the staircase of the Agenda Gallery, which gives access to the presidential gallery. Already in the chamber, after listening to the National Anthem, the president of Congress opened the session and gave her speech.
Immediately afterwards, the King gave his speech in which he highlighted: "The Spanish people have placed in their honors the most precious political asset: trust. They have entrusted them with the task of ensuring that the political pluralism represented here promotes the improvement of conditions of life of the people and groups in which it is integrated.”
“The performance of the powers attributed to the Chambers constitutes a high honor for all your honors. An honor that also entails the obligation to perform the entrusted constitutional functions, always seeking the common good of all Spaniards,” added the monarch.
“This is, unequivocally, the return due to the trust granted by the citizens," concluded Felipe VI, after which he declared the XV Constitutional Legislature open, while the president of the Congress of Deputies adjourned the session.
After the opening session, the Kings and Princess of Asturias moved to the Conference Hall, where they greeted the authorities and those attending the event. After the greetings, they witnessed, accompanied by the authorities, a military parade of the Group of the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard.
The XV Legislature began with the celebration of the constitutive session on August 17, 2023. The Solemn Opening of the Legislature takes place once the Congress of Deputies has approved the investiture of the President of the Government that took place last November 16 and the members of the Executive who promised their positions before the King on November 21, 2023.
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