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USPA NEWS - Hello, I apologize from the beginning if my article is melancholic.

Dear readers, why have goodness and kindness diminished so much these days? Let's start by talking about Israel!

Israel, mentioned in all historical books and actual historical events, even in the holy scriptures, has existed and still exists, and this country is sacred. How did we forget that Israel is an important country?
Do you remember the day when the worst possible violence occurred on October 7, 2023, in Israel by the brutal attacks of terrorist islamic group of Hamas attacked and how they were supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Khamenei, and the terrorist organization IRCG, how they invaded young girls and children's of Holy Israel , they killed everyone went to the peace makers Party, and imprisoned many Israeli Family?
I am not a warlike person. I am not political at all; I love humanity. The world becomes beautiful with humanity. The world becomes beautiful with the belief in peace and goodness. The world becomes beautiful with kindness to our neighbours, what feels more greater than kindness and help to others.
Why have some of us fallen silent?
I fear this silence in the 21st century. Do we believe that we have achieved great progress scientifically, in space exploration, modernity, and extraordinary plans to save the Earth from toxic gases?

Dear readers, why is there so much lack of goodness in the world these days, despite the good news and significant scientific advancements? Are we not worthy of the progress that has led to these events? I think we have reached a darkness on Earth. Perhaps we still don't understand the value of humanity.
Maybe in our minds, all benefits must be personal?

Do you know what is happening in Iran? What tragedies do political prisoners face that I feel ashamed to write about them? The brutal and oppressive regime of Khamenei is undoubtedly the godfather of terrorists.
I spoke with someone who had been in Iranian political prisons before. At first, his descriptions seemed unbelievable, but when I saw the documents and the medical injuries he had suffered, I realized the deepest tragedies. This brave Iranian lady was imprisoned solely because she had complained on her Instagram about the air pollution in Tehran (the capital of Iran) and urged people not to use contaminated and lead-filled gasoline. Is this citizen's request supposed to turn into group violations by terrorists of the IRCG in Iranian prisons? Has the dictatorial regime forgotten that no system remains permanent in dictatorship and must fall? I still don't understand why major countries engage with the Islamic Republic of Iran! It must be believed that the Islamic Republic system is a self-destructive, tyrannical, and merciless system. Ali Khamenei believes he is the pharaoh of the land, and this poses the most dangerous possibility for human life.
I still don't know why we don't call groups like Hezbollah and Hamas by their real names, terrorist groups that have been created under the command of Ali Khamenei to carry out terrorist attacks worldwide? Why don't we believe that the main cause of all the crimes in the past 44 years has been Ali Khamenei and the Islamic Republic of Iran? Why isn't there any solution for the fall of the Islamic Republic? Financial sanctions are not enough because it puts economic pressure on the people of Iran to take to the streets and revolutionize. But can they achieve this revolution against a brutal and highly terrorist regime?
Why don't we pay attention to the people of Iran? Why don't we pay attention to the people of Ukraine who live in fear every day? Why don't we pay attention to the people of Israel? Why aren't we seeking goodness, peace, unity, and progress? Why are we all strongly angry with each other?
Dear reader, after reading this article, go to the city and smile at everyone. Express the good feeling of love and peace, and be aware that peace will always come with the destruction of individuals like Ali Khamenei and terrorist groups in our lives.

Believe that your smile and your friendly support, which can be very easy, just with an email, asking your statesmen to start addressing the main problem in the Middle East, the Islamic Republic system, and the fall of Khamenei, will give us a more beautiful world.

Thank you for the valuable time you spent reading this article full of pain and sorrow. I am the author of this article, and all responsibility for this article is mine.

Stand with Iranians , Stand with Israel , Stand with Ukrain , And Stand for peace
Believe that we deserve to live in peace
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