(Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU)
(Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU)
USPA NEWS - There's always Something to discover in Tokyo. Seasonal Events and Grand Openings are happenig all the Time... Tokyo has so Many Different Faces. From the Traditional to the New, from Big Scale to Small Scale, to enjoy all the Aspects and Cultures of this City. It’s Deep, Wide, and so Diverse...
There's always Something to discover in Tokyo. Seasonal Events and Grand Openings are happenig all the Time... Tokyo has so Many Different Faces. From the Traditional to the New, from Big Scale to Small Scale, to enjoy all the Aspects and Cultures of this City. It’s Deep, Wide, and so Diverse...
Japanese Culture is fascinating and multifaceted, and you’ll often find Tradition and Modernity combined in Exciting and Vibrant Ways. A great Way to enhance a Visit to Japan is by experiencing some of these Aspects of Japanese Culture First-Hand.
Japanese Ingredients blessed with Distinct Seasons and an Abundant Harvest from the Sea and Mountains are Very Rich in Variety. The Key Appeal of Tokyo's Culinary Scenes is the Availability of Fresh and Flavorful Ingredients from all over Japan. In Tokyo, a City with a Long History and Rich Culture, you can experience everything from Traditional Japanese Cuisine to Modern Culinary Trends in One Place.
Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU
Chitose MAEDA
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As the Sun sets, the Neon Lights flicker on, and Tokyo's After-Dark Alter Ego kicks in. More relaxed and care-free than its busy, conformist daytime counterpart, the Evening is the Time to kick back and let your Hair Down... Tokyo's Nightlife Scene is about more than just Pubs and Clubs—although it has plenty of those too.
Japan has a Bathing Culture that dates back many Hundreds of Years. With Thousands of Sento, or Public Baths, still in Operation today, take some time to dive in and experience it First Hand. You'll find it's not so intimidating if you follow a Few Basic Rules. All you need is a Few Hundred Yen and a Towel.
Most People think of Tokyo as a Sprawling Metropolis and Vibrant Capital City, with Popular Destinations including Harajuku, Kichijoji, and Nakameguro. But take a Short Train Ride wWstwards and you’ll find a World of Natural Beauty in the Okutama Area. For the even more Adventurous, Travel Southwards into Tokyo Bay and beyond to visit the Izu and Ogasawara Islands.
Mathieu Rocher
Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU
Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU
- About How To Explore Tokyo

* Southern Tokyo
To discover the City’s most Desirable Districts, contrasting Futuristic Towers with Pretty, Tree-Lined Streets, anchored by the Nostalgic Appeal of Tokyo Tower. With the Sci-Fi Appeal of Odaiba and the Hidden Green Sanctuary of Todoroki Valley, the South is a Study in Contrasts. The City’s most Exclusive Residential Areas mix Modern Retail Towers with European-Style Lanes and Outdoor Cafes.
* Izu & Ogasawara Islands (Bonin Islands)
Tropical White Sandy Beaches, Rugged Volcano-Crafted Landscapes, and Lush Forest Covered Mountains, Tokyo’s Islands offer Endless Adventure and Cultural Diversity. Tokyo is Home to a Cluster of Untouched Islands? From the Beautifully Untamed Landscape of Oshima to the Alluring Mystery of Remote Aogashima, you can explore some of Japan’s most Breathtaking Tropical Hideaways all within Tokyo’s City Limits.
* Tokyo’s farthest reaches for Mountain Getaways and Island Retreats.
To swap your Capsule Hotel for a Campsite, your High-Heels for Hiking Boots and get out into Tokyo’s Great Outdoors. Tokyo is not just a Jungle of the Urban Variety, it actually encompasses Areas that are much Closer to the Real Thing. Easily accessible Forested Mountains and Far-Flung Islands can both be found under Tokyo’s Jurisdiction, offering you a very Different Side of the City.
Ambassador Yoshio ANDO
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Sushi Chef Yoshi TEZUKA
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* City’s Historic Waterways and Chic New Waterfront Areas.
Modern-day Tokyo owes much to the Intricate System of Waterways created to serve the 17th Century Capital, Edo. Today, New Developments out on Tokyo Bay and along the City’s Waterfront Areas pay Homage to this History and are fast becoming some of the Hottest New Neighborhoods.
* From beautiful Nature and Stunning Temples to Bustling Cities and Chic Spa Resorts, there are so many Great Places just 1-2 Hours by Train, Bus or Car from Central Tokyo.
To the South, North, East and West of Tokyo, you will find Numerous Fantastic Destinations for a Fun Day Trip or a Relaxing Stay. You could cruise the Gorgeous Five Lakes Area around the Foothills of Mt. Fuji, see the Great Buddha of Kamakura or the Magnificent Nikko Toshogu Shrine, or enjoy Shopping and Hot Spring Spas in the Mountain Getaway of Karuizawa.
- All Things to Do

* Attractions
Tokyo’s Historical Sites, Romantic Places and some of the other Unique Places that make this City so Special
Miss SAKE Japan 2022
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Pianist Ryutaro SUZUKI
Source: © Ruby BIRD & Yasmina BEDDOU
* Shopping
Each Area has its Own Distinct Atmosphere. From the Chic Department Stores and Boutiques of Ginza, the Quirky Youth Brands of Harajuku to the Anime and Electronics Paradise of Akihabara,...
* Concept Cafes, Comics, Cosplay and all Things Otaku
Geisha, Samurai, Sushi and Sumo have long been Leading Symbols of Japanese Culture—or at least until recently. Nowadays, Anime, Manga, Concept Cafes, J-pop and Uber-Inventive Street Fashion Appear to have taken their Place, particularly for Millennials and Children of the Digital Age. At the Center of this New Cultural Identity is Tokyo—a Vibrant Hotbed of Japanese Pop Culture.
* Eating and Drinking is an Art form in Japan.
Nowhere offers you a Better Selection of Exciting Culinary Experiences than Tokyo’s Bars and Restaurants. Whether you want Award-Winning Restaurants, Authentic Local Eateries, Dazzling Dinner Shows or Painstakingly-Prepared Cocktails on the Top Floor of a Skyscraper, the City has you covered.

* And so much more...
- "TOKYO - Old Meets New Tokyo" Event - Tokyo City Promotion.
Organized by "Tokyo Metropolitan Governement" and "Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau"
On November 17, 2023 in Paris, we could enjoy:
* Japanese Green Tea Tasting
* Calligraphy Workshop
* Japanese curry tasting with Okasan Déli
* Painting Workshop on Daruma
* Coaching “Prepare Your Trip to Tokyo"
* Meet The Exhibitors to discover Tokyo
Press Conference "Tokyo City Promotion Day Tokyo Meets Paris" held on November 16, 2023 @in Paris
In Presence of:
* Akiko Matsumoto
Deputy Director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs
* Chitose Maeda
Director for City Sales, Tourism Division, Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
* Mathieu Rocher
VP Press Association France-Japan - Independent Journalist

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