Elon Musk, Human Microchips and Invasion of Privacy: The Ability to Read Minds

New Slavery Tool?

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USPA NEWS - Where does Elon Musk's microchip mind reading stand on invasion of privacy? ____________________________________________________________________________

Neuralink, Elon's Musk Human microchip company promises to help the disabled, but at what cost? When implanting a brain microchip to make hardware move, the microchip needs to read your mind. ----------------------- Despite help with technology how does it help with your privacy? -----------------------Can you imagine someone being able to read your mind? -------------------- Read what you saying without you saying a word. That sounds really scary!!!!!!

--------------"Elon Musk is addicted to the drama...." His company, Tesla, has been on the stage facing invasion of privacy allegations for a long time. According to information published by LinkedIn...
"The recent spy scandal involving Tesla came to light through a Reuters report, which revealed that some of Tesla's employees had been sharing private camera recordings from the array of cameras built into Tesla cars."
*My first language is Portuguese and the funny fact is when you translate Neuralink to Portuguese and re-translate to English, it comes out to Paranoia Connecti

The fact is, Elon Musk has a track to spy on people, but how much will the government let him get into it? How much exposure people will go through the clinical tests? People under of age of 40? Why? Because they can think faster so you can study how to manipulate a whole new generation? 


After getting into the Social Media business, things began to make more sense. According to Blomberg Business, X' (former Twitter) is worth now $19 Billion and is valued at less Than half what Elon Musk paid. He did eXit the business for sure. 

Former Twitter executives said that privacy and security practices deteriorated under Musk's management and former employees say Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter may have caused the company to violate a consent order with the FTC.

So after all this, how reliable can be a human microchip coming from Elon Musk? Can he manipulate his competition? Spy on them? Yes, he can. Ford, Toyota, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Honda, I mean all these companies have executives and these executives have kids and we know how easy is to give candy to a kid. 
Owning the highest amount of satellites, Musk has been able to have a lot of authority. Even with his extraterrestrial technology, several SpaceX employees who were fired after circulating an open letter calling out CEO Elon Musk's behavior have filed a complaint accusing the company of violating labor laws. 
After all these allegations, how much accountability does Elon Musk hold? It seems he is also above the law because so far, I have heard about any accountability for none of his mistakes. 
The question is; being able to make a disabled person move, how much can he make an able person move? How much he can force people to work for him, simply manipulating their minds? it seems that the new slavery tool is up to date and running with no problems. 
BCC Research has some studies on human microchips...

"The concept of human microchipping is relatively simple. It involves implanting microscopic integrated circuits under the human skin, commonly the gap between the thumb and forefinger. These chips can serve a range of purposes, including identification, contactless payments, and more."

"The microchip is a passive transponder, which means that it has no power source of its own, it doesn't move, and it only activates when powered by a signal from an external device… in other words, microchips by themselves are sort of dull. They basically just sit there waiting for something to happen...'' and that's how he can send communication waves to an implanted microchip, using satellites and phone devices.


"Privacy concerns surrounding human microchipping take many different forms, with hacking being a major one. Theoretically, hackers could steal private information kept on the wearer’s microchip. Financial information used in contactless payments or medical records stored on the chip could all be at the mercy of a new form of hacking."

"While privacy and health issues are at the fore of concerns, there are some significant social ramifications too. The Three Square Market incident represented a physical infusion of workplace technology into the human body. As well as raising concerns about work infiltrating the body of the free individual, it also could create an unsettling dynamic within the future workforce. In thirty or forty years’ time, employees who opt to become microchipped could gain an unfair advantage in the labor market. "

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