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(Source: Ricardo De Melo Matos)
USPA NEWS - Dear Baby Boomers,

Today I want to explain to you a very popular theory in the communications field. While you
might think us millennials can take/give directions because we don’t know how to read a map,
at least we know how to ask directions to the GPS.

I want you to understand why one’s preferer watch Fox News over CNN or MSNBC, and for that
we are going based our explanation on the Uses and Gratifications theory.

This theory explains why one look for some specific type of media to gratifying themselves for
something. Starting with the emotional release, routine, and the need to be entertained affects
your decisions.

People who watch’s Fox News, tend to be more conservative, and CNN and MSNBC more.
liberals, so if you catch yourself watching a lot of Fox News, you tend to follow more.
conservative ideas than liberal.
Also, your social life might also lead you to some type of media. Myself, I am gay, pro equality.
and pro-abortion, I won’t watch Fox because anyone in my life follows their ideas, so I am not
influenced by their content, but for someone living in a more conservative area, might be influenced to
watch Fox. Sometimes one wants to escape from reality by watching a movie, but sometimes one
wants to keep the routine and the way of life by watching and following the same ideas and projections.

For online people who use online search mechanisms to get information, pay attention to this. When you google something, for example, you have 2 types of results, paid and organic. The paid happens a lot when you are looking for something to buy but not when you using it to get information.

The get better organic results on Google search come with the relevance that word has online, meaning that keyword was purposely used to appear in determined search.
According to Email Marketing website, Mailchimp: “SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is the process used to optimize a website's technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity so its pages can become easily findable, more relevant and popular towards user search queries, and as a consequence, search engines rank them better.” Every single article published online should work their SEO before being published. If CNN wrote a story about cocaine, they must include such word in the text, and in the settings of the landing page(article) According to Google Basic Search Central, to improve your SEO and be able to be seen by google you need: 1. Let Google see your page the same way a user does. 2. Create unique, accurate page titles. 3. Influencing your title links and snippets in search results. 4. Use the meta description tag. 5. Use heading tags to emphasize important text. 6. Add structured data markup. Using CNN, which is a credible source for us, and for Google, the online article talking about cocaine, can manipulate the search results to cover up things and there is a way to do it. Meta description tag. ... Heading (H1-H6) tags. ...
Source: Ricardo De Melo Matos Instagram
The same happens for news articles when they are being published, if you want your news article to appear on the search mechanism engineer you must write the article on a specific way, use the right keywords (keywords sentence) and match them with the background of the page of your article, settings. For example, if I want to look for “Ron DeSantis Cocaine use.” The search will give me results favorable to him, like the FIGHT he has against cocaine etc.., but it does not show what I am exactly what looking, which is HAVE RON DE SANTIS EVER USE cocaine? Even de hypothesis appears in the first page of the results search, does content positive to him. The SEO framing results are a well-known strategy to cover up scandals and many agencies offer the service in the radio. The problem gets bigger when you think, if politicians are manipulating data, nothing guarantees when I am reading the article, at NY Times, they are manipulating their data and info as well, since the frame results seen to be related to your devices. Watch this:
Source: Ricardo De Melo Matos Instagram
The fact is, they trying to manipulate somehow educated people, especially undecided voters, and all voters in the U.S could have their device hacked. __________________________________ I am trying to start a study on this strategy, but I need funds to keep this research going. I am a journalist, and I am currently a San Francisco State University student, receiving my third degree, now in Broadcasting, and being a freelance journalist, I don’t have the resources to continue the study. Even this is a whistleblower report because I did work on California elections before and I know how the scheme works, the Mayor, the Governor and the President are blocking all opportunities for me to grow, based on political interests, all these corporations, Metaverse, Google, and X (former Twitter) are using my content and not releasing the right metrics, this way any impact my content has, there are the only beneficiaries. 12k Followers and posts with 50-100 views only. No engagement at all.
This is retaliation, my social media and devices have been compromised even by Google because this research influences on their sales process are difficult to beat by myself. When presenting the innumerous allegations, I have against the California State and San Francisco City, to the California Lawyers Bar Association, any of them took interest to even talk about my case.

Also, when I try to send an email to a lawyer, using my Gmail account, the emails don’t go through, and last time I send an email to a lawyer, 2 days after I sent the email, Google sent me an email saying the email was not delivered.

My phone rings just when is someone asking for a late payment, and even death threats against me and my family I received.

So please, if you can contribute to the study, click on this link.

If you have any questions on how your contribution will be worth the American Dream, please call 628 231-4067. If you are a lawyer and you are interested in learning more about this case, feel free to contact me as well.

Ricardo De Melo Matos
The fundraising,

My name is Ricardo De Melo Matos, I am an independent journalist trying to get my Bachelor's Degree in Broadcasting and Electronic Communications at San Francisco State University. I am an immigrant from Brazil and all my family is in Brazil. I have lived for over 8 years and I was never able to bring any of my friends or family to Brazil.

The funds will be used not only to cover the costs of attendance at the university but to work on a research studio project that I have been working on already and to help bring my mother to come here in the US, (She never left Brazil in her whole life, would be her first international trip) but for her to be present at my graduation.

My mother is a journalist as well but she is retired. My dad was also a journalist and I was never able to bring him here, he passed a 2 years ago.

In 2021 I graduated in Communication Studies and Social Sciences, but that was just an Associates Degree, I do intend to expand my studies to a Master's and later on to a Ph.D.

If you have any questions on how your contribution will be worth an American Dream, please call 628 231 4067
Ricardo De Melo Matos

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