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Persian Beauty outshines Shahs of Sunset

Sara Jeihooni - It's my Sunset (Source: Robbie Merritt)
In My Bag
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USPA NEWS - Sara Jeihooni, who is of Persian descent, has been a sensation since she joined the cast of Shahs of Sunset in 2020. The show, which is full of drama and conflict, has made her a household name.
Now, Jeihooni is moving from acting to singing, and with the release of her debut single “ In My Bag”.
Enjoying her own Sunset
Source: Robbie Merritt
“My life wasn’t always this glamorous.” explained television sensation Sara Jeihooni. Made famous for her stellar performance and non-engaging demure in the international drama filled hit reality television series - ‘Shahs of Sunset’. Filmed in Los Angeles, fans couldn’t get enough of this stunning yet very smart Persian beauty’s uncanny use of her well refined BS detection skills, calling cast members out to the delight of viewers. Jeihooni was astonishingly clear-eyed about the discombobulated culture going on around her on set of the network series saying, “I’ve never been influenced by what is happening around me. Although there was a power structure, and strong personalities - it didn’t intimidate me. My character doesn’t change based on my environment.” When asked what motivated her to succeed in all that she does, Jeihooni spoke about her mother ‘Fatemeh’ who worked as a nurse raising 5 children after the passing of her father. Describing her mother as a very classy, gracious, and elegant woman who gave her all to ensure her family had the best education and opportunities possible.
All exposure is good exposure
Source: Robbie Merritt
While growing up Sara would often watch television and realized at a young age that opportunities for middle eastern women especially Persian on American shows were very limited. When the Shahs of Sunset cast offer was made to her she was excited to be a part of making a difference as she recalled her younger years seeing very little ‘Persian representation’ in entertainment. “Shahs just happened, and my life opened up”. said Jeihooni. “While working in Oncology in Beverly Hills, I saw death up close and it left an impact on me to not take life for granted.” Soon after this revelation Jeihooni met with a life coach who said to her “you’ve been very successful living other people’s lives, imagine how successful you’d be when you start living your own?” … she quit her well paid corporate job knowing she had her MBA in Business to fall back on. Jeihooni explained she wanted fulfilment in life and to not just make good money. Her very humble tone explained to me she wanted to be passionate about her work and explained how her mother gave her the best life so she could live it. “I did everything I was raised to believe I was supposed to do and I’m just not subscribing to that theory anymore. With music I don’t feel like I’m working, I do give it my all and it does require a lot - a lot more than any corporate job I’ve had but I love it.” said Jeihooni.
Jeihooni’s latest single ‘In My Bag’ is the first single off her upcoming EP dropping early 2024. Already reaching over 75,000 streams within its first 2 months of release and climbing the charts ‘In My Bag’ has an empowering message inviting listeners to take control, embrace independence, and unleash their potential that lies within. It is the kind of track that speaks to the hearts of those unafraid to carve their paths and defy expectations. “In My Bag” is available to stream now on all platforms.

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