Millennials Cancel Hustle Culture

Rachel Daphne Turner 'F-THIS'

Rachel Daphne Turner Author (Source: Supplied)
Rachel Daphne Turner
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USPA NEWS - Millennials Cancel Hustle Culture
Fulfilment is the new pay cheque.

The Shift Away From Hustle Culture : Embracing Fulfilment-Based Metrics

According to Australian author Rachel Daphne Turner , ”today, an increasing number of individuals are questioning the traditional yardsticks of achievement, which are often tied to material possessions and societal approval. The pandemic gifted us a forced pause which caused many to re-evaluate what was important to them - with the concept of success undergoing a transformative shift.”

“The traditional hustle culture, whilst seemingly productive – and particularly enticing when navigating the rising costs of living - can leave us feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from our passions,” said Turner.

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A recent study by the University of Queensland and published in The Lancet Psychiatry says over half of the population will have a mental health disorder by the age of 75! Quiet quitting of employees remains at an all-time high despite increased flexibility and benefits within the workplace. According to Turner, we are discontent, disillusioned, and depressed. Gallops 2023 State of the Global Workplace Report found that 59% of employees are still quiet quitting and 51% expressed some level of intent to leave their job. But this trend of disengagement is not limited to employees. Business owners are quietly quitting the world over. Struggling with mental health – Entrepreneurs appear to experience mental health disorders more frequently than the general public. In fact, this studies at 'The Springer Link' have found that in the group of around 250 entrepreneurs, the incidence of depression was twice that of the comparison participants. Turner, who spends her week days mentoring and motivating ‘Start Up’ companies said, “long work hours, relentless competition, and the pressure to constantly outperform our peers may bring gains, but they often come at a heavy cost to our mental health and overall well-being.” But the million dollar question on everyone’s mind is - how do we shift our focus onto the foundational supports that bring us fulfilment during our journey towards success so that when we achieve our professional goals, we have nurtured the pillars that surround it so that we draw contentment from small steps navigated on the daily that feed into both ourselves, our close circle, and the wider community?
Rachel Daphne Turner
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An alternative to the stress borne of a need to compete and ‘achieve’ is addressed in a book just dropped on Amazon – “F-This” by Rachel Daphne Turner. As a business owner and mother of three from the Gold Coast, Australia, she has written the perfect awakening for ‘Millennials’ an actual guidebook that offers a simple framework for redefining and measuring our success and a framework that teaches us how to look outwards as well as inwards offering practical steps that we can incorporate into our daily practice and that will support our broader goals. “The world cannot but shift towards fulfilment-based metrics. Embracing this shift allows us to Reflect, Remember and Re-define our values. Success is no longer confined to external validations like promotions, possessions, or social media likes. Instead, it becomes a holistic journey of growth and purposeful living that provide a healthy foundation for success both in our personal and professional lives”, smiled Turner.

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