The past returns to the Sanfermines

Fifth Encierro with only two injured

(Source: Rosana Rivera)
USPA NEWS - The fifth Encierro in Pamplona brought to the minds of Pamploneses and visitors images from forty years ago, when the Encierros allowed races and the bulls collaborated with the show. Something that in recent years has been lost, due to the massification of the Encierros and the participation in them of people without knowledge, without experience and with excess alcohol in their bodies.
The bulls from the Núñez del Cubillo ranch collaborated in the show, the best of the Encierros held so far in this edition of the Sanfermines. The morning broke very quickly, with two bulls in the lead, nobles, knowledgeable of their trade, the two bulls arrived together at the Mercaderes curve with Estafeta. There, one of them slipped and lost the wake of his companion, who continued on her way, leaving some of the best images of these Sanfermines for the memory of the people of Pamplona.
Behind, other bulls did the same. There were free spaces and the runners could run in front of the horns without risk of falling into a melé of runners. Thus, the Encierro was fast: little more than two minutes and only two bruised by blows, without any of them requiring transfer to the hospital. The best day of these Sanfermines, from a health point of view.
The Sanfermines face their final stretch. There are only three days of festivities left, but the mood and fun do not wane in the streets of Pamplona. The weather is good: the sun shines in the sky of Pamplona and it is hot, but that does not prevent Pamploneses and visitors from enjoying the festivities every day. and night. Pamplona is a hive of people ready to enjoy themselves and the streets of the city center, especially those that are part of the Encierros route, are crowded with people at all hours.
So far, the Pamplona Encierros are being clean. There are many bruised, but only two gored injuries in five days of racing. The Encierro of this Tuesday reminded those celebrated in the eighties of the last century, when the young men could show off in front of the bulls and the animals collaborated with their nobility and trade.
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