A dangerous third Encierro for the Sanfermines leaves five injured

One of them by bull horn

Dangerous Encierro
(Source: Rosana Rivera)
USPA NEWS - The third Encierro of the Sanfermines 2023 was the longest and most dangerous so far: 2:53 minutes long and five injured as a final balance. One of the wounded was by a bull horn. The bulls, from the Cebada Gago ranch, with a reputation for being brave and dangerous, quickly dispersed and one of the bulls, caught in a pile of fallen runners, in his eagerness to escape, nailed his horn into the arm of one of the runners. The intervention of two runners prevented the animal from hitting other fallen grooms.
The man injured by a bull horn is admitted to the University Hospital of Navarra. His spokesperson, Estrella Petrina, stated that he is conscious and well, and that the injury does not affect "the nervous vascular package." The spokeswoman also reported that the injured man “is in the operating room to check the trajectory of the wound and if it is necessary to operate. He suffered a spear wound to the inside of his arm." This is a 48-year-old male of Spanish nationality.
Another two wounded men suffered a dislocated left shoulder and a contusion respectively. After being treated at the University Hospital of Navarra, he left on his own foot accompanied by his friends. In the infirmary of the Pamplona bullring, two runners were treated, one for a maxillofacial trauma and the other for a bruised arm. They did not require transfer to the hospital.
The herd broke up very soon. A bull with red hair went ahead before reaching the Mercaderes curve with Estafeta, the most iconic of the Encierros. It seemed that the race was going to be fast, but it was divided into several groups made up of the Cebada Gago bulls and the halters. A bull slipped, lagged behind and made as if to charge the runners, but immediately resumed walking without major problems.
It was in the Telefónica section where several runners fell to the ground next to the fence, forming a mountain of waiters. The bull that was following them got caught in the tangle of runners. Nervous, he began to back away to escape, wounding a runner in the arm. The timely intervention of two runners prevented the bull from continuing to charge.
A Texan wounded on Saturday
The second Encierro, on Saturday, left a trail of four injured, including a young man from San Antonio, TX whose initials are R.D.E. and that he suffered mild chest trauma. He was treated by the assists and released at the scene. The other three wounded were Spanish.
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