MV Confederation UPDATE JULY 3RD

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Mv Confederation Departing Caribou (Source: Brian Teepell Photography)
MV Confederation, Wood Islands, PEI
(Source: Brian Teepell Photography )
Travel Advisory issued by Northumberland Ferries Limited.
"Due to a technical issue on the MV Confederation, we have cancelled all crossings for Monday July 3rd. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."
Less than 48 hours after the resumption of the MV Confederation ferry service between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, service is once again suspended for the next few days due to a new mechanical problem.
On June 19, 2023 USPA 24 News reported that on Friday, June 16th, the MV Confederation which is currently the only ferry providing service between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island developed a mechanical issue causing Northumberland Ferries Limited to suspend service until further notice. At that time It was believed the vessel wouldn't be ready to resume service until mid-July because a replacement part wasn't stocked anywhere in the world and had to be manufactured.
MV Confederation, Wood Islands, PEI
Source: Brian Teepell Photography
On Friday June 30th, Northumberland Ferries Limited released a statement sating that the MV Confederation would be commencing service between the two provinces on Canada Day, Saturday July 1st. This was excellent news for the traveling public and enthusiasticly applauded by tourism operators. The nearly two week absence of the MV Confederation caused considerable inconvenience to travelers and a loss of revenue for tourism operators.
In an afternoon, Monday July 3rd, statement to the media Mark Wilson, senior vice-president of Northumberland Ferries, said "We fully understand how much disruption this causes to our customers, and we are very sorry for this inconvenience. We are making every effort to safely resume service as soon as possible. Yesterday, the MV Confederation experienced a further mechanical issue that resulted in a service disruption, which is continuing through today. An attempt to resolve the issue was not successful, however, the required parts are enroute and repairs will be completed as quickly as possible once the parts are onsite.” Wilson went on to say, that he anticipates the the repairs to be completed by July 8th, and that Northumberland Ferries will not be taking reservations prior to that date.
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