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From Broken to Badass

Tiffany Lee Gaston (Source: Supplied)
USPA NEWS - Tiffany Lee Gaston Arizona mother of three, survivor and advocate of domestic violence , a proud and independent mentor to many thousands of women around the World who are coming to grips with their dark past, physical, financial, and mental abuse.
Gaston is referred to by her supporters as an absolute Bass Ass in a nice way while she constantly empowers women in the health and wellness space all over the world. Author, Speaker ,Mover and Shaker Gaston is no stranger to public appearances with her many Radio live podcasts reaching out to millions all over the USA. Her line up of media include live appearances on ‘Good Morning Arizona GMAZ’, ‘104.7 iHeart Media’, ‘Channel 3’,’ Fox 10 ‘ , EIN Presswire , Phx and ABC5

Tiffany Lee Gaston
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Referred to by leading Health and Fitness Magazines though USA as an absolute inspiration to women who don’t believe they can overcome mental health challenges, Gaston has walked that walk every day and proven to many that they can break the cycle where it’s OK to fall but with the right tools and resources they can get back up, regain strength, and continue fighting. The bright and bubbly Tiffany has been interviewed all over the USA, “I have really enjoyed being an advocate for women’s rights, women’s bodies and womens fitness. I am motivated to help generate the next generation of females because when growing up I didn’t have many ‘Me’s’ to look up to when I was a teenager and struggled in many areas of mental and physical health and wellbeing,” said Gaston. She talks freely about the gradual acceptance of the public to accept the women can be toned and muscular but many years ago she was frowned upon for her buffed look. It became a passion of Gaston to share her passion of fitness to help overcome mental depression and other health issues relating to the suppression of the female body norm. As a freelance author and writer, she has contributed so much to the health and fitness industry over the years and believes the body shaming of muscular and tones women is fast changing with the advent of social media fitness models paving the way to inspire and encourage others to a mindful alternative to staying at home living is shadows.
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Her appearances in ‘Oxygen Magazine’ shooting her own spreading 2013 gave her the encouragement to help and coach her community of ‘Loud, Proud and Strong’ women passionately vocal about their appearance has grown to the thousands all over the world. Gaston states ,”one of the most important aspects of breaking the cycle of depression id nutrition and we all can appreciate that when you are feeling low and being abused you never feel like eating and its so important to maintain a balanced intake of diet and nutrition which she found by using a product containing ‘Nano Technology’ fast absorption while training with immediate results for her and many others boosting her own self-esteem and confidence within weeks. Her personal choice back in 2019 and still is a protein based product she loves called HP-100 from ‘Live Lean Pro’ is available everywhere which gave her body the nutrients she needed while fighting depression and aided in what she calls her ‘Brain Gut Biome. Her advise to women reading this article going through depression, “You’re not alone although you may feel as you are, reach out others. I self-isolated and went dark. No matter if you have resources, you still need to reach out, don’t do this alone,” explained Gaston. Gastons bestselling book available on Amazon titled ‘From Broken to Badass’ talks about her experience having a loaded gun held to her head. She knew she needed to escape, and this was her wakeup call which led to a powerful transformation that happened far from overnight. With fitness as her escape and her ultimate therapy, she forged a determination that couldn't be kept down. “The belief in ourselves will carry us farther than anything else in this lifetime”, said Gaston who went on to say, “knowing we are valuable is sometimes the hardest lesson we will ever learn”.

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