Iran & Israel Are Have A 2500 Years Friendship

Iranian People And Israel People

Israel and Iran (Source: Saman Hajibabaei )
Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi And President Netanyahu
(Source: Reza Pahlavi )
USPA NEWS - Hello , Dear Friends Today In Date Of 18/04/2023
I want To Report You one of The Greatest News What Happened To Make The World Safe And Peace Win All The Wars
In Fact : Iranians Peoples And Israel Peoples Was A Historical Friends , Since 2500 Years Ago , They Were The Best Friends And There Was A Great History In The Background Of This Two Nationalities.
But Since 1979 After Of Wrong Revolution Iran Name Have Changed To Islamic Republic Of Iran What Is The Iranians Not Accept It And Did A Bravest Movements Since October 2022 Till Today To Remove This Darkness Of The History From Their Country And They Wish And Would And Pray To Win And Reach To Peace But Its Need Support From All Nationalities Because They Are Protesting And Going To Street With Their Lives Risk , But one Of The Greatest Sounds Of This Protests Whats Going In Iran , Was Today With Travel of Crown Prince Of Iran Reza Pahlavi In Israel And Visit President Benjamin Netanyahu , This Was One Of The Happiness Of Iranians Today Because Iranians People Is Really Loved Peace and They Dont Have Any Kind Of Problem With People and Government of Israel.
Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi In Israel
Source: Reza Pahlavi
After 44 Years Finally Iranians Seeing Their Dreams To Come In True , And Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi Have Visited Israel One Of The Holly And Greatest Country In The World , And This Is Have A Powerful Act Of The Crown Prince Of Iran , The Iranians People Hope are More Than Ever , And They Understood This Hard And Valuable Protest With Risk Their Lives In The Street Of Iran Is Reaching To Positive Places , And Today The Iranian Peoples Can Proud To Their Self That With This Protests And Request Of Regime Change They Can Be A Part Of Peaceful Countries Without Any Stress Of Wearing By Force Hijab To Theirs Family Members As A Crazy Law Of Islamic Republic of Iran , They Can Be The Safe Country With A Lot Of Tourist Places In Iran , Their Money Value Can Move Up , They Can Have All Of American , Israel , European , African , Japanese technology With A Good And Clean Weather , Their Economic Can Be Good , And In Fact They Can Have A Normal Life In Their Live , But All Of This Is With The Condition of Regime Change In Iran Will Happen I Wish The Best For Iranian Bravest People And Im Sure The Normal Life And Democracy In The End Will Win All Dictatorship.
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