Aussies welcome the USA Film Industry say’s Harley Connor

Harley Connor Still Calls Australia Home

Harley Connor Australian Actor (Source: Robbie Merritt)
Live theatre Harley Connor
(Source: Robbie Merritt)
USPA NEWS - 2013 greeted Sydney siders with Leonardo di Caprio in Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ and the ‘Wolverine’ with Hugh Jackman where Japanese scenes were filmed in Parramatta , other locations such as the small town of Picton was turned into an Alaskan set. Surry Hills, Kurnell and Fox Studios in Sydney were all used to shoot scenes in the superhero movie creating hundreds of jobs. On July 17 2022, Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced an additional A$400 million to attract film and television productions to Australia until 2027. Morrison noted in his press statement “Behind these projects are thousands of workers that build and light the stages, that feed, house and cater for the huge cast and crew and that bring the productions to life. This is backing thousands of Australians who make their living working in front of the camera and behind the scenes in the creative economy.”.
Harley Connor
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Hollywood is clearly focused on Australian talent with huge tax initiatives for foreign producers , Exchange currency rates at an all-time high and Local Government grants generously offered one Aussie actor cashing in on this explosion even through the recent film and television restrictions due to health regulations is Sydneysider Harley Conner. One charismatic powerhouse Sydney based actor with over 20 years of experience is Harley Connor. Connor is not just a recognised face of feature movies such as the Wachowski Brothers 1999 Block-Buster ’The Matrix’, ‘Akoni’ by Genna Haynes or Brian Singer’s 2006 ‘Superman Returns’. Connor’s stage presence is multi skilled also an international voice talent with ‘Global Accents’, ‘Animated Cartoon Characters and ever so smooth and relaxing tones where his demand for TV commercials and Radio advertising is constantly growing. Winning awards at international Film Festivals has never changed his humble demeaner in the public forum. Interviewed at this week’s ‘Finale’ of the very controversial stage play ‘The Stoned Ape’ by Australian writer Ian Leete who delves into to the conceptualistic movement to a new level of men’s rights in the era of a global #METOO movement. Connor’s Stage performance received accolades for challenging the Family Court system of Australia, Corrupt Lawyers, Drugs , Sex and mayhem with interconnected characters Connor plays several convincing characters -‘The Meth Addict’, ‘Police Officer’ and a Catfished school teacher. As a respected member of Australia’s acting community Connor predicts a resurgence of US Blockbusters filmed in Australia over the coming years and encouraged actors to get their portfolios up to date while locals refer this trend as the growth of Aussiewood and looks forward to cashing in on the government incentives given to Hollywood.

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