Johnny Boxer from Prisoner to Film Producer

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Prisoner to Producer (Source: Robbie Merritt)
Johnny Boxer
(Source: Robbie Merritt)
USPA NEWS - Iconic Aussie actor Johnny Boxer has taken his menacing moustache from Netflix to the theatre stage in recent controversial Ian Leete production ‘The Stoned Ape’ at Sydney’s Bondi Pavilion. His acting career, spanning over 30 years has seen this Aussie Icon work alongside the likes of Ewan McGregor and Baz Lurhman. We’ve seen Boxer in Television Series of ‘Underbelly’, ‘Police Rescue’, ‘Water Rats’, ‘Home and Away’, ‘All Saints’, Fat Pizza’ and ‘Son of a Gun’ to name a few. Boxers resume of films reads like the History of Television with his Acting career spanning decades.
“My life has been a magic carpet ride,” Says Boxer with a smile.
Johnny Boxer Live
Source: Robbie Merritt
Escaping Warsaw in the early 1960’s at the age of 5 at the end of the German occupation of twenty years and the start of the Cold War Missel conflict with Cuba was enough for Boxers parents to make a new life in Australia. Always known as the ‘troublemaker’, boxer survived a high speed motorcycle accident at the age of 17 leaving him in a coma for 6 months and devastating injuries which still plague him today. By the 1980’s Boxer was detained at one of Australia’s roughest Prisons ‘ Bogo Road’ in Brisbane ( Now closed for humanitarian reasons) where he was released after 10 long years. When asked what put him into ‘Bogo Road’ his positive smile and ‘Glass half Full’ attitude kicks in as he says, “keeping my mouth shut”. Boxer then became a very respected public figure around Sydney’s notorious Kings Cross and Eastern suburb venues and nightclubs when one day he was by a casting agent. Boxers devilishly and charismatic presence moved on to Australian screens where he eventually played one of Australia’s favourite bad guys, Bobo Gigliotti in hit comedy TV series Fat Pizza now on Netflix. Boxer reminds people who would like to develop a successful acting career, “Everyone has something special. Something different to offer. Always remember it could be raining one day and sunny the next…or the other way around. Keep going.”
Johnny Boxer Fat Pizza
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Boxer has today released news that he is going to produce his own TV Comedy. Boxer will be playing French restaurant owner Claude who is frustrated with losing profit on Valentines Day. He has come up with an unorthodox solution that will see a romantic comedy of errors unfold. Three couples with diverse life situations will be seated together. Adrian and Jess, who in their 40’s with a mortgage, 2 kids and careers to contend with have lost their spark. Matthieu and Lawra are in their 20’s about to endeavour the outcome of popping that big question. Hayley is taking her heartbroken best friend Sam out for a night of fun and to forget yet encounter an unexpected situation. Throw in a flirtatious waitress Sasha played by seasoned actor Olga Sokol from Kazakhstan and that money hungry restaurateur Claude and there’s chaos. Filming begins soon as actors are lining up to work with screen legend Johnny Boxer.

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