The Stoned Ape

Ian Leete Australian Writer Success

Ian Leete Australian Writer (Source: Robbie Merritt)
Barret Griffen and Veronica Cloherty
(Source: Robbie Merritt)
USPA NEWS - Sydney, Australia’s famous Bondi Beach became the talk of the City after Opening night this week at the historic Bondi Pavilion of ‘The Stoned Ape’.
Australian renowned writer Ian Leete has taken the men’s rights conceptualism movement to a new level despite growing feminist comments supporting the #metoo movement. Leete’s overwhelming desire to recognize, acknowledge and heal intergenerational trauma and child abuse was a roaring success at this week’s World- Premier.
Johnny Boxer
Source: Robbie Merritt
The Stoned Ape is more than a psychedelic ‘TRIP’ into Drugs, Corruption, Divorce, and the crazy world of online catfishing but covers areas of Child Abuse and Parental Alienation. Leete has created an emotional experience everyone and many will relate to play as we all know someone who absolutely fits all the characters tastefully Directed by the very talented Ruth Fingret. It won’t please everyone but Leete has completely opened the minds of its audience with connective and inter-related skits exposing many issues surrounding common Family Law protecting women’s rights as mothers while taking away the rights of divorced fathers in many cases. Leete in conjunction with the amazing stage work of Director Ruth Fingret (known for her success with the stage play Margaret Fulton: ‘Queen Of The Dessert’) is touted to be on of the years ‘Must see events’. Fingret has amassed the who’s who of stage entertainment in Sydney including Prue Cunningham (Susan Jordan), a corrupt and unethical divorce lawyer who will lie and fabricate to win her case coaches her client Mrs Maxwell (Sally Williams) into the unthinkable while Aldo (Dean Tuttle) is held at gunpoint by Tash the very salacious nurse. Veronica Cloherty (Summer) does what she can to make ends meet by hustling her online clients and dealing drugs to her mentally disturbed and very sexual best friend Tash (Jessica Maree King). Henry her boyfriend (Barret Griffin) who seems to be more at home as a ‘Flower Child’ from the 70’s does what he can to keep Summer happy. Harley Connor who we have seen in movies such as ‘The Matrix’, ‘Superman Returns’ and Australian TV series ‘Home And Away’ plays a drug fuelled Meth addict one minute then a concerning Policeman while the stage is held by the ‘Infamous Hard Core Johnny Boxer’ ( Fat Pizza Pizza , Fink, Water Rats, Underbelly, Home And Away and Son of a Gun) as the very convincing bikie. Writer Leete tackles the big issues of Sex , Drugs, Crime , Divorce , the internet and Family Law legislation and has done it very well. This is material for a feature movie. The Stoned Ape Pty Ltd and Sydney theatre veterans Actors Anonymous Inc, present The Stoned Ape is a theatrical co-production destined to become an Australian Feature film. The Stoned Ape will be showing at Sydney's Bondi Pavilion from 2nd to 13th April. Tickets available through the website below.
Susan Jordan and Sally Williams
Harley Connor and Johnny Boxer
Source: Robbie Merritt
Jessica Maree King and Veronica Cloherty
Source: Robbie Merritt

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