What Exactly Happening In Iranians Female’s teenagers School

Seriously Bio Terror Act In Iran

Stand with iranian teenagers (Source: Saman Hajibabaei )
Ban Dictatorship of Ali Khamenei
(Source: Saman Hajibabaei )
USPA NEWS - Hello , To Everyone I Want you to share This News As much As You Can Because Of Females teenagers Live matter And The Crime And Violence what IRCG , And Ali Khamenei Is Doing , After The Sadly Killed Of Mahsa Amini Since 16/09/2022 Iranians Came To Street In Bravely Way and Asked Theirs Rights , And This Was Not Accepted By The Dictatorship Of Ali khamenei And They Have Killed Many Peoples And Many famous and unknown people were imprisoned Its Almost 20.000 People In Iran Prisons Till Today , And I Wish That The World Become Union Against This Evil Islamic Dictatorship of Ali Khamenei , And May God Bless Two Countries Of Iran And Ukrain From The Unfair And Unacceptable Act Of Two Dictator Putin , and Khamenei , Now We are Seeing Big Crime In Iran School And Universities with chemical And Biological Attack In Theirs Class and Rooms And even in Unconfirmed news, in some cases, the death of these students has also been seen due to suffocation, please Stand with Iranians People And let everybody Get this Knowledge that The Islamic Regime Of Iran can Be So Dangerous for Everybody In the World , And We ARE RESPONSIBLE TO STOP THEM ! Thanks for Reading , Saman Hajibabaei ,STAND WITH IRAN
Stand With Iranians Female Specially Teenagers And Students Because They are Getting Chemical And Bio Terror in Theirs School Class Rooms And As Well In Theirs Universities Dormitories , This Bio Terrors Happens Since Last Week And its Keep Going On Everyday Stronger Than Yesterday , And In Unconfirmed News We Have Heard Even Some Of The Students Have Pass A Way With This Gas In Theirs Class Room , But Theirs Families Have Threaten from Evil mullahs Gov In Iran To They have Not Permission To Say The Correct News In Any kind of Social Medias Or Tv , I Guess this Is The Time To we stand For Theirs Time and Stand In The Rights side Of The History , Thank You
Free Toomaj Salehi
Source: Saman Hajibabaei
We Must To Stop Mullahs To Keep Safe The World , The Mullahs Are Real Terrorism Everybody Must To Believe This , That The Mullahs of Iran are Dangerous For All The Countries And Iran Regime Must To Change thats It , We Must To Be The Voice Of The Countries What They Cant Reach Theirs Voice To The World We Must To Defence Of Humanity , And Human Rights , Many Famous And Not Famous People Are In Prison Since 16/09/2022 After Sadly Killed Mahsa Amini , for example you Can easily Search About The Rapper Toomaj Salehi the Reason Of He is In Prison Is Only Because Of His Songs Thats It ….
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