Iranians School Girls Continuous poisoning

Crime Of Islamic Republic Of Iran

Iranian Islamic Regime crime in schools (Source: Saman Hajibabaei)
Reaped Poisoning of girls students in iran
(Source: Saman Hajibabaei)
USPA NEWS - Repeated poisoning of students In Iran , Iranian Teenagers Students girls , are in seriously danger by Biological Attack to the school of Iran this Attack is directly trough of dictator Ali Khamenei and since last week Iranians school girls have many problem due to the chemical Gas what they had in theirs class room and many of children's in whole city of Iran are paralyzed since last week please stand with Iranians children's and Parents on this moment and keep report regarding this crime what Ali Khamenei is doing , and today by date 01/03/2023 many of parents did protests against this crime of the Government because its theirs babies lives matter but , they got the answer from Government only by violence and threats , thanks for reading , Saman Hajibabaei
Students under age lives matter Be the Voice of them they are seriously in danger In all girls school in iran , this crime of biological Gas Attack in the school of iran is becoming directly by Order of Ali Khamenei , and parents are not getting any kind of answer from government department they are only make a normal protest because of theirs babies lives matters but they have got answer by violence again by the IRCG
Systematic poisoning of the Islamic government Ali Khamenei , in Female Teenagers School in whole of Iran , I would like to you share this Reports to everybody understand what's going on in iran school and parents are threaten to be silent , and while the parents are did protest against this biological Gas attack after of Paralysis of several people female students
the parents got only one answer from IRCG that was sadly as always violence and Suppression we are as Human must to stop this act of Ali khamenei because this is can be creat a huge crime in future of this female Teenagers
Thanks for reading .
Saman Hajibabaei
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