The dilemma of the West..became Putin's dilemma

Ukraine War

The dilemma of the West…...became Putin's dilemma (Source: Ahmed Zalabany on Unsplash)
USPA NEWS - Europeans suddenly realized that not only would they have to pay morally and financially the cost of humiliation, but also that a humiliated and divided Europe would appear even more vulnerable to its emerging competitors.
The dilemma of the West…...became Putin's dilemma
Putin's problem is that the West does not agree with his plan. The facts so far testify to its refusal to agree to discuss the terms of a peaceful solution. And they advocate preparing for an economic war of attrition as the Ukrainian military takes the field to retake territory lost to the Russian invasion.
In fact, so that there is no doubt, apparently on purpose (and not by accident) Zelensky after his meeting with Emmanuel Macron hinted that the French President asked him to agree to the concession of territories in order to bring about peace - something apparently he himself denied. The Champs-Elysées denied the fact, noting that 'it is up to the Ukrainians to decide the terms of the negotiation'.
In other words…
No negotiation for peace will begin unless it presupposes a status quo ante. That is, if Ukraine does not take back all the lands the invader took from her.
Of course, the Ukrainians would in no way decide on their own if they did not have the support of the West. A support, which is obvioIn such a staggering display of weakness no one could assure them that they would not face a similar challenge in the future.
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