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Sacha Baron Cohen and Olga Sokol

Olga Sokal Kazakhstan Beauty (Source: Robbie Merritt)
Olga Sokol
(Source: Robbie Merritt)
USPA NEWS - Olga Sokol the Kazakhstan beauty who is never fazed by the derogatory portrayal of her country by British actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen now living in Sydney is best known for his creation and portrayal of the fictional satirical characters Ali G, Borat Sagdiyev, Brüno Gehard. You will often see Olga Sokol in front of the camera on location shoots for well-known brands such as ‘Fendi’ or ‘Burberry’ in Sydney while she builds her name and reputation in Australia as a model, actress and fitness instructor. Sokol has travelled the world since 2020 eventually settling in Australia where she now calls Sydney home. “I believe that we all play different roles in everyday life and it’s important to define which of those roles is your main and most important focus in life”, explained Sokol.
Olga Sokol The Green Apple reminds her of home
Source: Robbie Merritt
I asked Sokol what she felt was more important for an actor, talent, or training?- “While talent is important, training, hard work are what sets a successful actor apart from many others who try and fail in this profession. No matter how talented you are’ practice makes you better’ and ‘more confident’. There’s no such thing as an overnight success. If you look at any notable actor’s career, they spend a lot of time in minor roles until they get their break. The opportunity which resulted in them becoming a star was due to their persistence, not luck”, smiled Sokol. Which types of acting do you feel you are most suited for? “Movie and Theatre actors are different and require different skills. Movies are about the thrill of the story, greater ability to express details and emotions and in many ways limitless. Theatre on the other hand is the love of performing in front of people but there is no second take. Personally, I always enjoy the opportunity to improvise, add my own character if allowed. Understanding the director is everything.” Tell me about your experience working in film and television in Kazakhstan? “To be honest, it goes back further and each time I am asked this question I reflect to my childhood. In kindergarten I was on stage singing and performing all through to high school and University. Winning ‘Miss Tomsk Polytechnic University’ (a talent contest) in 2002 is when my TV and modelling career blossomed. In Kazakhstan I continued my study in acting. While working on a theatre play called the “The Threepenny Opera” under the direction of Natasha Dubs – well known Kazakhstan director I was happy to find I was Pregnant. Phillip my son today shares the same passion with both dance and theatre. Since 2016 I’ve acted in 9 films some Small episodes several as lead actor. My favourite was a leading role in a ‘social film’ produced by ‘Channel KTKTV’ ‘called “One country-One destiny’ (Odna strana-Odna sudba) about the Stalin regime and the humanity of many people. I also had main role in a comedy “Unesennye reysom” directed by talented and respected Serikbol Uteobergenov. I loved working with Kazakhstan directors ‘Akan Satayev’ in ‘Rayony’, ‘Askar Uzabayev’ and “Daughter-in-law is a human too”. “Prior to coming to Australia in 2020 I lived in Indonesia, a great experience with regular modelling work. I was also offered 5 lead roles in Kazakhstan movies that I couldn’t take due to Covid - absolutely heartbreaking!”
Kazakhstan beauty Olga Sokol
Source: Robbie Merritt
Has the Movie ‘Borat’ really made a difference to the people of your country please give me any examples? – “For my friends in Kazakhstan, ‘BORAT’ was a bit of a journey. Initially it seemed an insult but as the irony set in, the realization was more about what this movie did for the country. Though not really about Kazakhstan, it portrayed an image that hardly seemed fair at first site, it was a wakeup call as Kazakhstan is a young country with a small population and still evolving. With remoteness, clearly not much was known about it. The positive side of “the Borat” effect is it did spark interest on learning more about Kazakhstan. Talk of ‘Borat’ sparks conversation about what we are really like and what is a sense of being Kazakh. I believe this is where the image of the country comes down to every person – be a worthy representative of your country. I agree on the words of ‘Kazakh pop group’ called ‘Irina Kairatovna’ who said -“Borat should be shown to students as a part of a curriculum as example of international image of their country, so they try to do their best to change it.” I do believe Kazakhstan has a bright future being rich with natural resources and talented people. By the way, love the recent win of Grammy Award by Kazakh musician Imanbek! Alga Kazakhstan,” laughed Sokol. You have been photographed by many people in Australia since your arrival in 2020. How has life for you as a mother and model been for you before and during Covid lockdowns?- In fact, I arrived just as the lockdowns and restrictions all started. Being totally new to the country isolated for several weeks with two young children presented many challenges while doing interesting commercial photographic projects visiting beautiful parts of Australia. I also started teaching Pilates, in the end of 2020 it helps me perfect my body tone and movements and gives a great opportunity to model for sports wear and accessories. I thank my family who are very supportive of my artistic nature. Acting and modelling has always been a big part of my life. It keeps me motivated and encourages me to get better in everything I do which of course reflects in my day to day enjoyment in both general and family life.” Olga Sokol is a very unique individual with an ability to adapt to any modelling or acting situation. It was a pleasure interviewing her and I’m sure we will see more of her.

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